Implants Or Dentures

Implants Or Dentures

People may believe if they lose any of their “adult” teeth that dentures—either partial or complete—are the only option available. That, however, is not true. Not only are dental implants a possible alternative to dentures, they are also in many ways superior.

Because most dentures are removable, they present some problems. Removable restorations can be misplaced, and if not found, will need to be replaced, which can be costly. Adhesive may not be sufficient to keep them in place. Loose dentures can be annoying at best and potentially hugely embarrassing. Permanent restorations like dental implants do not share these hazards. Because they can’t be removed, they can’t be misplaced, and the likelihood of accidentally spitting out your teeth is extremely low!

When dentures do not fit well or are not sufficiently adhered to gums, they can make chewing difficult. Biting down can cause the fixture to slip, and even slight tooth movement can disrupt a meal. However, dental implants are fixed firmly to your jaw bones, rather than simply adhered to gums. In this way they are very similar to your natural teeth. With strong roots to anchor them, dental implants enable you to chew on whatever it is you crave.

Another concern that arises from the use of dentures as replacements for natural teeth is bone loss. Your jaw bone acts as a foundation for the roots of your natural teeth. When these are gone, your body may assume that there is no more need for that foundation, leading your jaw to atrophy. If dental implants are used instead, your body will recognize that something still needs that strong foundation, and atrophy will be avoided.

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